What a year from December2011 to now.

This year has been quite a challenge on a personal and professional note. A twin sister diagnosed with cancer in middle December 2011 made Christmas a strange affair. She is joyfully cancer free now. To myself under going two operations. The last one seeing me only back to work on the 5th November since the 17th October, day after my birthday. What a pressie that was. On the work side I decided a creative project was just what I needed. I commenced the One a day every day for a year project on the 13th April 2012. It requires me to make a ring every day for a year. Inspired the “One a day” by Marthe Le Van. I am now regrettably a little behind thanks to the past few weeks. Little did I know what a task it was going to be. But with the support of my amazing partner, my family, friends and most importantly students and working colleague I am getting through it. I officially reached halfway on the 11th October. Plain sailing from now on I predict. Hopefully. Wish me luck.

Go see the project http://oneadayeverydayforayear.tumblr.com

Or better still come try a class  http://www.elementalstudio.co.za/contact

May the creative spirit grab you, gently though.

Love Leza



One Response to “What a year from December2011 to now.”

  1. Marina Says:

    I am writing this as I have spent the last two hours looking for inspiration for a pendant which will be made out of 2 square-cut precious stones, needs to be asymmetrical, not one above the other as is seemily a traditional setting, is manufactured out of white and yellow gold, AND is of huge sentimental value….So far have not had any lightbulb moments! Any ideas!?

    Well, yesterday my escape into the wonderful world of creativity and sanity, passed way too quickly as always! Just a thought and the day had passed and my piece is still not finished…I constantly need to remind myself that one has to overcome the “Instant Gratification Syndrome”…we all need to slow down, after all, the Great Wall of China took many centuries to build!

    Take Care you All!


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